Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Day 7

Current diaper: Attends
Diaper status: DRY
Current time: 4:00PM Local

An interesting day today, a lot to talk about... so I'll just jump straight in.

I changed my diaper at work for the first time today... and in doing so was finally able to determing when an Attends is full without having to remove my clothing and look at it. I had been doing my best to pay attention to the way the diaper felt as I used it, and I knew from previous experience that the diaper would reach its limit somewhere around 11:00. I had wet at around 8, and was sitting down for the rest of the morning so I didn't trickle any out as I like to do. I don't know if it is that way with the rest of you or not, but it seems as if I don't feel the need to go until I stand up. I was beginning to wonder if I was going to need a change today or not, so I got up right near 11:00 to go get a cup of water from the cooler, to speed things along. I had taken about 2 steps when it started coming out (good timing) so I finished then went and clocked out for lunch.

I then went out to my car and got my diaper bag out of the trunk. I tried to act as normal as possibly when walking back in with it, past my co-workers. They were so absorbed in work that they didn't say a thing. I stepped into the bathroom, closed and locked the door behind me, and then the fun began. It took me about 5 minutes to do everything. The only obstacle was the fact that the toilet at work dosen't have a lid so I had to remain standing while I positioned and fastened my diaper. Overall it worked pretty well. The only thing I was really worried about was someone coming in after me and smelling baby powder. Thankfully nobody noticed a thing, and I was able to have lunch in peace and return to work.


After speaking with a few people on line and doing some considering on my own I decided that today would be the day to do as requested and mess my diaper in public. This was NOT something I looked forward to in the least, but I knew that it would be best to proceed anyways in the name of "science." After all, people that truly need diapers don't have a choice where they go at... so why should I? I didn't go #2 at all yesterday, and skipped it this morning too... so by the time 1:00 this afternoon came around I was feeling very ready to get the business over with.

Let me tell you... the hardest thing about it was trying to mess my diaper without looking like I was messing my diaper. I walked over to a shelf to put some things away, spread my legs a little bit and gave a few small pushes. At first I didn't think anything was going to happen, apparently my bottom needed a minute to determine that this was "the real thing" and go full-force with the operation. Two days worth was a lot to put into the diaper at once, it just kept coming and about halfway through I wondered if it was gonna leak out the sides or not. Thankfully the Attends held strong and contained the mess and the subsequent emptying of my bladder without any problems. My only issue now was living with it for the next 30 minutes of work and the 15 minute drive home.

Walking around with a loaded diaper wasn't so bad. I still had to clean up and take out the trash from work before I could leave so I had a good enough amount of time to experience that. The combination of briefs over the diaper and my shorts didn't allow the diaper to sag any so the mess stayed exactly where it had landed in the first place, which was alright b/c it didn't make me waddle too much. The problem was when it came time to get into the car and drive home... talk about a gross feeling. It was like I had just sat down in a pie.

After about 5 minutes of driving the feeling passed and as long as I didn't shift driving positions I was okay. Cleanup at home however, was another matter as the mess was spread thorougly over my bottom and between my legs. I took a good 20 minute shower and scrubbed myself all over to make sure it was gone.

After cleaning up I changed into the diaper I have on now, then went back out and had some lunch.


As it has been nearly a full week it is time to share a few revelations I have had.

First off, while this is fun and I am still enjoying it, I must admit that the diapers are beginning to lose their novelty. While they have always been a nice comfort and convienience item, having to wear them all the time casts a different light on things. This has not affected my determination to complete the experiment, but it has made parts of it (the morning diaper change for example) very monotonous. I wonder if a few more days will see me becoming slightly disenchanted with the whole diaper business. We'll just have to wait and find out.

Secondly, a good "side effect" of me being diapered 24/7 has been my girlfriend's reaction. I knew she would be supportive of me and my mission, but last night she admitted that when I am constantly diapered like this she does have a difficult time keeping her hands off of me and my diaper. She is a bedwetter and wears diapers to bed most every night so I know there is an element of attraction in them for her to begin with. What I don't know is if it's my diapers in themselves or the idea of certain parts of my anatomy being kept shielded and out of reach that gets inside her head the most. I will be investigating further.... heheheh.

One other thing I was asked to report on is the condition of my skin. I am happy to report that I have had no problems in this area at all. I do believe that this is due to a few precautions that I may not have mentioned before. I did shave everything in my diaper area that I could get my razor to before starting this experiment. This was done to remove anything that might be between my skin and the diaper. Urine can stay in hair just like sweat or water, and will not be absorbed by the diaper as fast as it would on bare skin. As a result of my shaving my skin stays drier and more comfortable.

I also use a decent amount of powder every time I change. This powder helps soothe the skin, absorbs sweat, and prevents chafing. I simply sprinkle powder into the diaper before taping it on, doing my best to keep it off of my hands and away from the tapes as powdered tapes don't stick.

I believe that's all I wanted to cover in this post. Thanks for reading, and I'll be back with more tomorrow!


Anonymous said...

Hi there Darkfinn,

I have to admit that I have found your Blog very interesting from the point of view that as you are 'choosing' to wear & use diapers for what they are made for for people like me who need to wear them due to physical need.

I have been quite lucky in that even before I 'needed' to wear diapers I already enjoyed wearing them from time to time :-)

I have been wearing 24X7 for about 6 years now. As you are now experiencing they can at times be a bit of a drag and the 'fun' part goes away (a little!)

Well done and keep going - You are half way now....

Cheers, UKNappyman

Nick K.D Chaleunphone said...

I gotta question, when you do mess your diaper do u go right away and change at a bathroom or wait until your home and then change. Let me know how it goes because i'm reading your blog very well and i am starting to think i should try and go diapered 24/7 just like you

Anonymous said...

My hat is off to you for following through as you have with this two weeks in a diaper. Messing in public is a big step and the clean up, especially if you've had to sit in the diaper for a while after messing, isn't a fun job. It's one thing to be forced to wear them out of need, or kept in them by a Mistress/Mommy. but to do this by choice alone isn't the same thing. I will be reading with interest, your second week in a diaper.